Valentines Day Selfie Frame - photo board

Posted by: Rachel on: 13/01/2017

valentines day selfie frame printing

Love is in the air, and Valentines Day is fast approaching. We have the perfect personalised frame for all you love birds to snuggle in for as many romantic valentines snaps as your valentine is willing to join you for. Available for a limited time only, order yours today. 


Order your Valentines Selfie Frame

Our templated Instagram-style selfie frames take seconds for you to order but can transform your event! Our selfie frames are printed with waterproof inks directly (no sticker to be peeled off) onto a really sturdy 5mm foamex board that won't go damp or floppy, with ...

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Christmas Selfie Frames - Photo Prop Boards

Posted by: Mike on: 10/11/2016

christmas selfie frames - party prop boards

Winter is setting in, and as the nights draw in and the weather begins to drop, we’re all hoping the snow will start to fall. It’s the Christmas season and a great opportunity for parties. Here’s a great way to capture the moment and make some great memories with our photo prop, custom social media frame. Tweaked with your personal details to ensure a truly bespoke product. Available in two sizes, for various party sizes, the social media frame is a great addition to any party.

Order your Christmas Party Selfie Board

Our templated Instagram-style selfie frames take seconds for you to ...

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Spot Printed Perspex

Posted by: Rachel Walker on: 04/11/2016

printed perspex

Sometimes, printing on foamex or foamcore just won’t cut it. If you’re looking for a print or a sign that’s going to catch the eye of any passer-by, a Perspex or acrylic print is the way to go.  

Our flatbed printers have the ability to print white in specified locations, we call this spot white, partly because of the way we set up the image to tell the printer to use the white ink. Without the white ink, colours printed on a clear surface would look more like a stain glass window than a sharp and solid print. Being able ...

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Selfie Frames - Perfect for Any Event

Posted by: Kirsty on: 23/09/2016

Selfie Frames

Selfie Frames are probably our most popular item this year since producing the correx boards for both sides of the Brexit and Remain Campaign. So if you’re looking for someone experienced in selfie boards you’ve found a safe place to start.

We are one of the largest producers of Selfie Frames in the UK with a fast turnaround to ensure you have your selfie frame in time for every occasion! – Even for Cute little stuffed bunny.

Our Social frames are very popular as Wedding Selfie Frames, Birthday Selfie Frames, Baby Shower Selfie Frames and Even Promotional Selfie frames. And are great ...

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Foamex Target Signs

Posted by: Kev on: 22/09/2016

foamex signs cut to shape

We print Foamex signs to meet a wide variety of advertising needs recently we produced this giant target to advertise an archery club, we can cut Foamex signs to any shape and produce them in almost any size you need.

Foamex Signs – The Benefits  

Foamex signs are weather proof and provide durable outdoor signage with high quality print. Foamex signs are also perfect for use indoors where they may be subject to people handling and leaning against them, such as exhibitions.

Foamex Signs – The Cost

Although foamex signs are more expensive than other materials, such as correx, they provide much higher ...

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Carrick Signs helps surprise a dad on ITV1

Posted by: Milosz on: 23/06/2016

ITV pimp my shed by foamex wall by Carrick Signs

Carrick Signs helps surprise a dad on ITV1's This Morning. ITV said: 'We discovered that Simon is a huge fan of classic Mini Coopers, and had several until daughters came along and larger family vehicles were required. So how could we do better than to turn his shed into that most iconic of cars!'

They turned to us for help with the project and we produced a large scale Mini Haynes manual cover for them to decorate the shed interior with. This was printed in high quality on Foamex board and they attached this to the shed wall to create an ...

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Brexit vote leave signs & Stay in EU Referendum Signage Prin

We are now printing the 'BREXIT (Vote Leave EU)' signs and 'Stay in EU' Signs! The EU Referendum is to take place on 23rd of June. The date is approaching fast so it is time to campaign and decide about your future! Depending on your opinion on the United Kingdom leaving or staying in the European Union you can now order your BREXIT (Vote Leave EU) Signs OR 'Stay in EU' Signs.

Rigid Brexit Signs and Stronger in EU Referendum Boards

Most popular choice for EU Referendum Signage is rigid board. Because it is a temporary signage, ideally you ...

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Freestanding Car Cutout

Posted by: Milosz on: 08/02/2016

Freestandng Correx/Cardboard Car Cutout Stand

Not long time ago we've received this nice order for printing and producing car cutout from Tailster. The artwork and result is really cute. It is a high quality printed photo backdrop in a shape of a car with head holes (actually car windows) cut out for a nice and funny photo session prop accessory.

Tailster is a friendly concierge that helps you find the perfect home for your dog whilst you are away.

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