Brexit vote leave signs & Stay in EU Referendum Signage Prin

We are now printing the 'BREXIT (Vote Leave EU)' signs and 'Stay in EU' Signs! The EU Referendum is to take place on 23rd of June. The date is approaching fast so it is time to campaign and decide about your future! Depending on your opinion on the United Kingdom leaving or staying in the European Union you can now order your BREXIT (Vote Leave EU) Signs OR 'Stay in EU' Signs.

Rigid Brexit Signs and Stronger in EU Referendum Boards

Most popular choice for EU Referendum Signage is rigid board. Because it is a temporary signage, ideally you ...

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Freestanding Car Cutout

Posted by: Milosz on: 08/02/2016

Freestandng Correx/Cardboard Car Cutout Stand

Not long time ago we've received this nice order for printing and producing car cutout from Tailster. The artwork and result is really cute. It is a high quality printed photo backdrop in a shape of a car with head holes (actually car windows) cut out for a nice and funny photo session prop accessory.

Tailster is a friendly concierge that helps you find the perfect home for your dog whilst you are away.

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ELR Train sign

It was a pleasure to collaborate with the East Lancs Railway and be involved with designing and printing new Christmas boards for their Santa Special trains.

To help brighten up the diesel locomotives we were asked to design and print large Foamex boards to be fixed to the trains. The Santa Special train is a very popular event, run every year by the East Lancs Railway, who are a steam train preservation society.

We modified a Santa image to keep the design in line with their branding and created a background. This was then printed this on Foamex board and custom cut to ...

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Christmas Shop Display Signs for Naylors Equestrian

Posted by: Milosz on: 18/11/2015

Christmas Foamex Shop Display Sign Naylors

A couple of weeks ago we printed a set of interior shop signage for Christmas display for Naylor's Equestrian LLP. Most of the display has been printed direct onto large 5mm foamex boards.

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10 Large Double sided Triangular Toblerone Signs

Posted by: Milosz on: 20/08/2015

Toblerone triangular pitch correx sign

We are proud to accomplish those impressive 8x4ft double sided triangular correx signs for England Touch Association. All 10 pitch boards have been printed direct on 6mm correx, scored and put together to make freestanding Toblerone-like shape with 4mm correx base. One of the bottom edges were attached using Velcro to allow the big sign to be folded for transport and storage purposes. Please contact us for prices on those cost-effective, lightweight advertising boards.

For those interested in the fast growing sport: "touch is a minimal contact sport played on a pitch area of 50m x 70m. The game emphasises running, ...

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head in hole freestanding foamex cutout

We have just had the pleasure to print and make the fantastic freestanding stands with head holes cut out. Our creative customers, Corey Baker Dance in London (left on the picture) and Aardman Animations (right on the picture) proved that creative approach and great sense of humour can result in a very attractive stand. A stand that will surely draw people’s attention, especially comparing to other more traditional cardboard cutouts.

Both stands were printed on 5mm foamex with correx struts attached to rear and holes cut. We wish our clients every success with the life size stands. We are hoping they ...

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Printing Hoarding Boards for Guild Homes

Posted by: Milosz on: 27/02/2015

hoarding boards signs

We have just finished printing 10 large 10ft x 5ft hoarding boards for Guild Homes. The boards are now making their way to the company's new construction site in Scarborough.

Guild Homes is a family-owned business formed in 1996 and based in Stourbridge. As a dynamic family team, they have used their varying perspectives to create homes with a broad appeal. Situated in and around the Midlands, Guild Homes aims to go beyond just constructing a beautiful home - it chooses exceptional surroundings in which to build them. Areas are chosen with stunning rural scenery or quaint market towns steeped in ...

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Photo Props and Photo Backdrops - Very trendy!

Posted by: Milosz on: 18/02/2015

Photo backdrops and Photo props

Printed photo props in any shape and photo backdrops with head holes cut out are rapidly gaining popularity. Props can be printed on foamex, foam board or correx material and cut to practically any bespoke shape, offering unlimited spectrum of possibilities for entertainment industry or even for home birthday parties.

Fun photo props for events and Photo booth prop boards

The rising number of enquiries about photo prop boards is proving they are a sought after accessory at the moment. The applications of printed prop boards can be unlimited. They are usually used for holding while taking photos in photo booths or ...

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