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We are now printing the 'BREXIT (Vote Leave EU)' signs and 'Stay in EU' Signs! The EU Referendum is to take place on 23rd of June. The date is approaching fast so it is time to campaign and decide about your future! Depending on your opinion on the United Kingdom leaving or staying in the European Union you can now order your BREXIT (Vote Leave EU) Signs OR 'Stay in EU' Signs.

Rigid Brexit Signs and Stronger in EU Referendum Boards

Most popular choice for EU Referendum Signage is rigid board. Because it is a temporary signage, ideally you would need something that gives very good quality print and is cheap at the same time. Perfect material for that purpose is 4mm correx (corrugated plastic similar to estate agent signs). So if you are looking for affordable signage that you can easily attach to fences, gates, lamp posts, walls or even put in your windows correx is your best choice. We print on correx full colour and directly to board.

Brexit EU Referendum Banners & Brexit Flags Printing

Please bear in mind we are general Large Format Printing Company so we print practically on any material and produce all other types of signage like typical PVC banners or Outdoor Flags. So if you would rather have PVC banner with eyelets and your EU referendum related slogan please contact us! Our PVC banner pricing can be found on our main page: The same in case of Brexit or Stay in EU Flags. Just pick on of our models on our flag dedicated page:

Our BREXIT PVC Banner Templates

Please see below our EU Referendum design proposals for Brexit PVC Banners, ready to print. The banners feature slogans: 'BREXIT', 'I Leave EU - Time for Brexit' and 'Vote Leave EU'. The artwork is set to 8x2ft proportion (or 4x1m etc.) but if you need any other Brexit banner size just let us know and we will amend your design sending you design proofs before printing.

Brexit vote Leave EU pvc banner

I leaveu leave eu time for brexit banners


Stronger in EU  /  Remain in EU PVC Banners

Below you will find our EU Referendum print designs for Stronger in EU campaign. The banner designs are ready to print almost instantly so just give us a call for when you could have them. Our templates feature EU Referendum slogans 'Stronger in EUrope' and 'Remain Stronger in EU'. The artwork is set to 8x2ft proportion (or 4x1m etc.). However, if you need any other 'Remain in EU' banner sizes or artwork design, just let us know and we will amend the design to feature your slogan with suggested layout before printing.

Stronger in Europe EU Referendum banners

Remain in EU Referendum Banners


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