Face-in-Hole Cut Out Stand Printing

  • Custom printed face-in-hole boards
  • Just send us your high quality full length photograph describing what needs cutting out
  • Great fun for kid’s games, birthday parties, weddings and corporate events
  • Stand-in Photo displays, Peep boards, Head hole cut outs
  • Customised hole cutting for Photo Opportunity Boards
  • Use own photos and designs, or a traditional one, e.g. British seaside
  • Selfie frames and photo booth boards
  • Exciting photo taking opportunities

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Head Hole Cut Out Stands for Entertainment Events

Having been immensely popular in British culture for decades, face-in-hole boards are making a comeback, especially for events such as weddings, parties, children’s events and fundraising events. They provide excellent photo opportunities for guests and party goers to make unforgettable, hilarious memories. Use traditional photos to transport your guests to a classic seaside scene, or upload your own design for some truly unique concoctions. Peep hole boards at conventions and expositions can be a smash hit, transforming members of the public from their ordinary selves to a superhero, or a favourite character for a spectacular photo, or selfie.

Great photos are key to making a great event, and face-in-hole boards provide an entertaining way to engage guests. They make a fantastic addition (or alternative) to photo booths.

Corporate, fundraising and advertising

Face-in-hole boards can be used to get your message spread across multiple platforms. Peep boards with your tagline, URL, campaign title or hashtag can be used to engage the public at fundraising events, recruitment fairs, expos and corporate events. With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and snapchat, head-in-hole boards have become an even more useful advertising tool than before, as they actively involve the public in your brand. Face-in-hole boards will encourage more photos to be taken and shared, multiplying the number of people that will see your logo or message.

Combine with selfie frames for an even bigger hit.

Our face-in-hole boards are made with durable 5mm foamex, which can withstand repeated use and can be provided with struts for freestanding boards.

Head Hole cut out Stand Prices (with struts)

Size Material Price EACH
up to 8x4ft (2400x1220mm) 5mm Foamex (foam PVC) £195+vat
up to 10x5ft (3040x1500mm) 5mm Foamex (foam PVC) £270+vat

All prices are based on copies of one design, please let us know how many designs you have and we will advise if there is any price difference.

Delivery (UK mainland)

From £11+vat per small parcel, up to 1.1m in length and 0.5m in width.
£30+vat per 2.4x1.2m (8x4ft) parcel.
£60+vat per 3x1.5m (10x5ft) parcel.

Contact us for exact quotation. We use many major UK couriers: UPS, TNT, Parcelforce, Tuffnells. Please note that even if the delivery service is normally 'next day' we can't guarantee that as after leaving our premises the goods are normally out of our control.

In your quote confirmation via email you will be advised exact carriage cost that will include size, weight and any special packing factors.

If you have any questions or specific requirements please contact us and we will be happy to help and advise.

Can the cut out stands be used outdoors?

Not with standard lightweight struts on the back. Despite the fact the material is water-proof large flat displays tend to fall over very easily in the wind. The only safe solution for the face hole stands to be used outdoors is to fix the boards to permanent wooden or metal frame. We would also suggest then doing them on a thicker material such as 10mm foam pvc.

What size should the hole be for the stands?

This is surprisingly quite common problem. Measuring an average head, we usually suggest a face hole size of approx. 17x21cm. However, it depends on a few different factors. If the stand is for a children’s event the head hole needs to be adjusted to smaller head size. Also, the hole size depends often on the artwork. Defined cut out area may apply to only part of the face with no hair or to the whole head including neck and hair which will always have to be taken into consideration. The best advice is to print a 100% scale version of the hole only on paper and cut it with scissors to check the effect.

How can I download your sample images?

Please click below links (and then right click to save on your computer):

Face in Hole Cut out Photo Opportunity stands Face in Hole Cut out Photo Opportunity stands
Cut out hole photo board stand for pets, dog, cats Cut out hole photo board stand for pets, dog, cats
foamex head hole stands with struts foamex head hole stands with struts
Funny peep hole face in hole stand Funny peep hole face in hole stand
Large Funny Cartoon faces in holes Cut-out stand Large Funny Cartoon faces in holes Cut-out stand

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